n. & v.
1 a the part of the body at which the arm, foreleg, or wing is attached. b (in full shoulder joint) the end of the upper arm joining with the collar-bone and blade-bone. c either of the two projections below the neck from which the arms depend.
2 the upper foreleg and shoulder blade of a pig, lamb, etc. when butchered.
3 (in pl.) a the upper part of the back and arms. b this part of the body regarded as capable of bearing a burden or blame, providing comfort, etc. (needs a shoulder to cry on).
4 a strip of land next to a metalled road (pulled over on to the shoulder).
5 a part of a garment covering the shoulder.
6 a part of anything resembling a shoulder in form or function, as in a bottle, mountain, tool, etc.
1 a tr. push with the shoulder; jostle. b intr. make one's way by jostling (shouldered through the crowd).
2 tr. take (a burden etc.) on one's shoulders (shouldered the family's problems).
Phrases and idioms:
put (or set) one's shoulder to the wheel make an effort. shoulder arms hold a rifle with the barrel against the shoulder and the butt in the hand. shoulder-bag a woman's handbag that can be hung from the shoulder. shoulder-belt a bandolier or other strap passing over one shoulder and under the opposite arm. shoulder-blade Anat. either of the large flat bones of the upper back; the scapula. shoulder-high up to or as high as the shoulders. shoulder-holster a gun holster worn in the armpit. shoulder-knot a knot of ribbon, metal, lace, etc. worn as part of a ceremonial dress. shoulder-length (of hair etc.) reaching to the shoulders. shoulder loop US the shoulder-strap of an army, air-force, or marines officer. shoulder mark US the shoulder-strap of a naval officer. shoulder-note Printing a marginal note at the top of a page. shoulder-of-mutton sail = leg-of-mutton sail. shoulder-pad a pad sewn into a garment to bulk out the shoulder. shoulder-strap
1 a strip of fabric, leather, etc. suspending a bag or garment from the shoulder.
2 a strip of cloth from shoulder to collar on a military uniform bearing a symbol of rank etc.
3 a similar strip on a raincoat.
shoulder to shoulder
1 side by side.
2 with closed ranks or united effort.
shouldered adj. (also in comb.).
Etymology: OE sculdor f. WG

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